Róbert Békefi

Born in 1974 midsummer night, receiving his first degree in Psychology (2004), and the second in Painting / Fine arts (2020) Róbert has been practicing ceramic arts, puppet-making, muralism, community art and environmental activism amongst others. He has been engaged in art education for adults and recently developing a bio-fertilizer product together with earthworms. All living creatures, especially microbes, love him.

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Irene Cantero

Irene is from Seville, in the south of Spain. Her artistic practice is process-based and formalized mostly through light, bodies in movement, drawing, site-specific performative installations and writing. 

She understands "artistic" as describing a way of doing, of understanding, of seeing that entails many possible paths, such as the political, the empirical, the experiential, the philosophical, the somatic, the phenomenological.... Daily routine and art practice constitute an amalgam where she coexists. Keeping sustainability and ethics of both, life and work, always at the centre. 

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Enikő Katalin Eged

is a Budapest-based illustrator and pattern designer. She loves illustrative narratives with driving dynamics and a strong atmosphere. The key element in her work is familiarity - somehow connecting or reconnecting a common recognition of small details and memories. Abstract, intuitive forms as patterns and feelings are the most powerful side of her art. Her favorite topics are sapphic love, memories and nature.

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Instagram @azzurro_velluto & @nikoenikoeniko and checking her portfolio site

Csilla Hódi

🌬️ As an artist, Csilla Hódi is experimenting with the potential of artistic worldmaking at the borders and outside of (social) institutions of art. Instead of foregrounding the singular artist, she is inhabiting the 'underground', tactically using lack of clarity, overidentification or collectivity. At the moment she is looking at possible human ways of thinking with mushrooms.

🌾 She has her roots in Eastern-european post-studio art, in embodied public space research, in life as art traditions and in emancipatory practices. Formally educated as a designer in Budapest and a choreographer in Stockholm.

🌙 Her chosen mushroom is willow shield.

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